We are the Steel Horse Riders Chapter of the Widows Sons located in Tallahassee, Floriida.



This turned out to be a fantastic event.  The Steel Horse Riders had great representation with 8 out of  10 members present.  Additionally we had Florida Widows Son brother Bruce Bryant from the Hirams Sojourners Chapter join us, together with a new SHR-WS recruit and three other brothers, for a total of 9 Widows Sons and four guests.  We look forward to next year and beyond in supporting this great cause.

For the third year in a row, in March 2015, the Steel Horse Riders with the support of the 7th Masonic District deliver a $1000.00 check to Corky’s Cupboard

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Who are we

The Widows Sons and the Steel Horse Riders are an independent group of international Master Masons who ride motorcycles and were organized to perform the laudable undertaking of aiding and assisting the Widows and Orphans of Master Masons, to promote Freemasonry in the world of motorcycling, and to support the charities of the Widows Sons International Motorcycle Riders Association.

The Widows Sons and the Steel Horse RIders are not affiliated with any Grand Lodge nor are they an affiliate of any Masonic bodies. The Widows Sons and the Steel Horse Riders do not speak for, nor intend to attempt to act as representatives of any of the Grand Lodges, Symbolic Lodges, or affiliate bodies of Freemasonry nor Freemasonry in general.

All views and opinions of the Widows Sons International Motorcycle Riders Association are solely those of the Widows Sons. The Steel Horse Riders are Master Masons that ride for the brotherly love of freedom and Meet, Act, and Part upon the working tools of a Free Mason.

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